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What’s In It For Me?: The Question Your Staff Are Asking

For those of us who are not naturally ‘tech-savvy’, the introduction of any new technology (CRM, ERP, SaaS, HRIS, you name it) at work can be a challenge. However, when any type of technology is introduced, there are always numerous personal advantages for the users of it.

This is important; because when we are told of an upcoming technology change, most of us naturally wonder ‘what’s in it for me?’ (WIIFM?) It turns out that if we feel that we will be losing out in some way - our motivation to make the changes necessary is diminished, or our attitude may harden – as Groucho Marx once said;

“Whatever it is, I’m against it.”

So, having some positive answers to the WIIFM? Some perceived gains when a new technology is being introduced is very handy; as a leader, you can use them to help people see the personal career-enhancing possibilities that will come with the technology and make the point that there will be lots of pros to balance out the perceived cons.

Take a look at the five WIIFM’s below; you can use them to get people on board with any new system.

1. Having skills and experience in up-to-date technology is undoubtedly a career asset; increasingly, all types and sizes of organizations are relying more on technology. It’s the way of the future. Anybody’s career prospects will be reduced if they don’t have up-to-date technology experience on their resume.

2. When a person has mastered a new technology s/he has demonstrated a willingness to be adaptable and to keep learning; qualities that are valued highly by organizations and the job market.

3. Successfully adapting to the changes that new technology brings is a valuable learning experience, the lessons from which will be transferable to other change situations that will be frequent in the technology-driven future.

4. Whether it’s accurate or not, a person will be viewed as someone who is ‘tech savvy’ if they demonstrate the ability to adopt a new technology.

Looking at things from the other side of the coin…

5. If a person doesn’t adopt a new technology such as CRM; s/he will eventually become out of sync with her/his colleagues, making it difficult (if not impossible) for them to remain a successful member of the team. Not a good situation to be in for anybody.

Use this leadership strategy selectively; you will quickly move people along the technology adoption curve and save yourself a ton of time and hassle in the process

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