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Leading Digital Evolution - Commitment Is Better Than Compliance

Change is constant and the truth is, as a leader, you are the face and voice of change in your organization. Human beings are averse to change and it is not strange or aberrant for your staff to be wary of new things including new technology. As a leader, your goal is not just to introducing a new technology to your team or educate them on it, but to truly nurse them through the change.

Imagine buying a bike for a child and not teaching him the basics of riding. That child may likely lose interest. However, once they learn to ride and build their confidence, watch the child adopt the new "technology" (the bike) with glee. As a leader, do not assume that immediately you introduce the new technology your team will fall in line and accept it wholeheartedly. You have to give them a reason to adopt it.

You will need to model the adaptive behaviours required to make the most of the new situation. You yourself will need to consistently use the technology so that everyone can see the benefits that follow. Tell them why it was introduced; clearly communicate to them the reason for the technology and tell them how it will impact everyone. Do everything you can to support your people when introducing the changed approach driven by that technology. Gaining commitment is more effective than gaining mere compliance.

Endeavour to maintain a high level of enthusiasm and always vocalize your support for new method even when faced with resistance. As a leader, you must realise that what people care about the most when asked to change the way they work is “what’s in it for me?". Therefore you must make a strong case for the technology and communicate it often.

Of course you should know that there would be people on your team who would not embrace the technology immediately or wholeheartedly. Rather than blaming such people, identify the barriers preventing them from adopting this new technology and help them find ways to overcome it.

A good leader listens. No organization rises without embracing feedback and criticism even. So as a leader you need to learn to regularly check in with the staff to get their valuable insights on the new technology. That said, it is also important to be firm as a leader. Let your staff understand that not adopting this new technology is not an option.

What other challenges have you faced in introducing new technology? What have you learnt? Leave us a comment.

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